All NSC spare parts and printheads are 100% guaranteed and backed by OEM warranties.

NSC sells genuine Cognitive TPG printer parts and Cognitive TPG printheads - 100% guaranteed and backed by an OEM warranty.

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You can place all of your Cognitive TPG parts and Cognitive TPG printhead orders from National Service Center. We offer same-day shipping so you can get the parts you need, when you need them.

Help Desk — Staffed with factory trained technicians, Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Eastern time, NSC's team of professionals can provide:

Troubleshooting Assistance Parts Recommendations
Problem Diagnosis Repair Recommendations
Post-Installation Hardware Support

Here are just a few of the parts that we carry:

189-1075154 TPG - Validation Feed Roll/Gear Assy.
189-9941221 TPG - Kit-Bd,MICR,512K
189-1072968 TPG - A722 PrtHd W/Ground Strap
189-1068603 TPG - Kit Carriage Assy. L-Bracket
189-9961183 TPG - Kit, A758,60 Dual Opt Bd
189-9961307 TPG - A794,Cntrl Bd,USM,WN(BV4.01
189-9961059 TPG - RoHS Printhead A760
189-9960016 TPG - A794 Midway Thrml Mech w/K
189-9941063 TPG - Kit OptBd, Parallel
60-100121-000A Cognitive - Printhead
60-100037-001A Cognitive - Motor, TT, BT
60-100189-000A Cognitive - Printhead, 4"
60-100130-005F Cognitive - PCA, Advantage, Base, BD42_RoHS
60-100164-000A Cognitive - Cognitive - Printhead, 2"
60-100470-000A Cognitive - Printhead 4.24" 300dpiBT423002
790-003-01 Cognitive - Membrane Switch
60-100706-006A Cognitive - Power Supply
60-100004-000D Cognitive - PCA,95C061 Mo
110-134-01 Cognitive - Chute Final Assy.
Cognitive cid4 label printer parts

All calls received through the Help Desk are logged and tracked through our parts and repair tracking system to assure customer satisfaction from the initial call to the resolution.

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